Work transformation is not about Digitizing Work but about Working Digitally

What is the problem we are solving?

How do we solve the problem?

What are the results?


What is the problem we are solving?

Both in managing internal organizations and in working with our customers we have found that very few companies are working in a modern, agile way using the available cloud tools at their disposition. Most companies are stuck in old ways of doing things and old productivity paradigms.

How do we solve the problem?

Adoptic helps you to go from Digitizing Work to Working Digitally as an individual, as a team, between teams, as an organization and between organizations.

We do this ideally in mid-sized to large customers that have strategically chosen Microsoft365 as their ´work operating system´.

We have a proprietary methodology called Adoptify. Our methodology has both a scientific and a practical basis. We have developed a proprietary Digital Competences assessment for Microsoft365, DigComp4M365,  for individuals, teams and organizations based on the European Union Digital Competency Framework.

We bring together all the capabilities that other providers normally only do partially. We are good at understanding what information and processes are really important. We deeply understand the technology and functionality of the M365 platform. We are exceptionally good at project, change and transformation management and we can provide specialized M365 training based on you specific ´Work use cases´.

What are some of the results we have seen?

Reduction of email of up to 50%.

Reduction of the number of meetings by 20%.

Reduction of meeting time by up to 35%.

Process acceleration in key white-collar processes.

Increased employee satisfaction.

Decrease of up to 15% in Total Cost of Ownership for IT workplace initiatives

Increased flexibility by moving ´systems of work´ to the cloud

Increased security by more and better cloud usage.

Improved disaster recovery capabilities.



About the Partners

Michiel van Vliet

I am an economist. However, in hindsight I should probably have studied to become an engineer. I ended up in technology by accident and have spent my entire working life in the technology industry.

Microsoft has been a ´Leitmotiv´ in my career as I have been involved as a partner since 1995 and later as an employee in senior roles in Spain and at EMEA level.

When my last adventure came to an end in January 2020, I took some time to reflect on what it is I like most and what it is I do best. Basically, it comes down to learning, innovation, creation, improvement, productivity, and teams.

Being a techno-economist or econo-technologist I have always had a passion for the practical side of technology. Technology that is not used is useless.

My real passion is advancing people, teams, and organizations through smart use of technology. Until now, I only used my own thinking and experience gained at customers.


However, I really wanted to have a scientific evidenced based backing and create and distribute unique intellectual property.

With my founding partner Alvaro, I spend about three months researching and talking to experts and academics worldwide.


This has resulted in our own methodology called Adoptify and some unique third-party IP that we distribute like WorkEvohlution´s distributed leadership assessments.

We also created our own unique IP like DigComp4M365, where we have used the European Union’s Digital Competency framework to build a digital dexterity assessment for digital competencies in using the Microsoft 365 platform (formerly the Office365 platform).

Alvaro Norte


As a child I was able to disassemble my friends' bikes and motorbikes, clean them and then reassemble them without leaving any spare parts behind. This was what made me study industrial engineering.

However, I was a little bit disappointed when I discovered that until the 5th year of my studies, I was not going to hear any engine roar.


Like almost everything in my life things have been happening without any specific pattern, to only afterwards fall in place with crushing logic.


In this sense I recognize that today I am the product of 8 years of IT consulting, 10 years of managing the IT project office of Sanitas (Bupa, a leading health insurance company in using technology to give an exemplary service to its customers), and 2 years as a consultant helping people to work differently.

The tools I carry in my backpack are project management (PMP), change management (ADKAR), and the experience of many years being the translator between those who need to use the technology and those that are able to provide it.

I met Michiel 3 years ago by chance and from the first moment I realized that we were highly complementary. A few years later we have taken the opportunity to create something together, for which we have been preparing for all our lives.