As a child I was able to disassemble my friends' bikes and motorbikes, clean them and then reassemble them without leaving any spare parts behind. This was what made me study industrial engineering.

However, I was a little bit disappointed when I discovered that until the 5th year of my studies, I was not going to hear any engine roar.

Like almost everything in my life things have been happening without any specific pattern, to only afterwards fall in place with crushing logic.

In this sense I recognize that today I am the product of 8 years of IT consulting, 10 years of managing the IT project office of Sanitas (Bupa, a leading health insurance company in using technology to give an exemplary service to its customers), and 2 years as a consultant helping people to work differently.

The tools I carry in my backpack are project management (PMP), change management (ADKAR), and the experience of many years being the translator between those who need to use the technology and those that are able to provide it.