We have a mix of assessments based on our own IP and assessments based on IP of 3rd parties in our portfolio. Digital Dexterity assessments, As - Is and To - Be assessments, Teleworking assessments for individuals, leaders and teams) and we work with Leesman for employee workspace satisfaction surveys.

Digital Dexterity

We have built our own DigComp4O365 assessment based on the European Union Digital Competence Framework (DidComp)

DigComp was first published in 2013, as a reference framework to support the development of digital competence of individuals in Europe and has been updated ever since. DigComp describes which competences are needed today to use digital technologies in a confident, critical, collaborative and creative way to achieve goals related to work, learning, leisure, inclusion and participation in the digital society.

DigComp was developed by the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission with the aim to provide evidence-based scientific support to the European policymaking process. DigComp is a reference framework that describes what it means to be digitally competent. Being digitally competent is more than being able to use the latest device or software. Digital competence is a key transversal competence that means being able to use digital technologies in a critical, collaborative and creative way.

DigComp has 5 competence areas with 21 competences descriptions. DigComp maps out 4 broad proficiency levels (foundation, intermediate, advanced, highly specialised).

These 4 levels can also be further elaborated across 8 levels offering a more detailed description of progression criteria. The 8 levels provide the granularity needed to develop learning materials, assess and recognise learning progression, and to describe tasks and competences in detail. Each of the 8 level descriptions represents a further step by the citizens in three domains:

The acquisition of knowledge of the competence `

The complexity of the tasks they can handle `

Their autonomy in completing the task

Adoptic has designed an assessment which translates all of this in specific 0365 Work Operating Scenarios which indicates where every individual stands on the dexterity maturity level. By adding up individual scores we can come up with Team, Department and organization scores. Normally we use the Digital Dexterity Maturity Matrix for our analysis of the As-Is situation of a company and as a discussion framework for the To-Be situation. 

Tele-work or distributed work assessments.

The world has changed, and distributed work is here to stay. As a society, we suddenly went from working together in offices to working remotely without the proper training, methods, nor agreements on work preferences, and without an established remote culture and clear expectations.


This has resulted in misalignment between peers, from worker to leader, leader to worker, intrateam etc., leading to frustration, long hours, a feeling of always having to be switched on and, in many cases, reduced team output versus the expected individual increase in output.


Many consulting companies are trying to help customers in this space without any scientific backing or evidence-based methods. Adoptic has specifically chosen to partner with Work EvOHlution, a Canadian firm of Industrial/Organizational Psychologists who have conducted 16+ years of research across industries in North America and Europe on distributed work success. In 2014, all that knowledge and a series of deep 1-1 interviews with senior executives was packed up in a framework and methodology which was further tested and refined with over 200 additional Senior Executives. This has served as the Genesis of Work EvOHlution’s Distributed Leader Capabilities, and a unique benchmark for global remote working. 


Work EvOHlution has created psychometric assessments for individual workers, leaders and teams, and their Consultants have a wealth of experience coaching leaders and teams to be highly successful in distributed work, experience that Adoptic is licensed to sell and deliver in Spanish speaking markets markets.

For our complete Telework and distributed work offering please see our distributed working website (Spanish only)