This is our sweetspot consulting offering.  Adoptic helps you to go from Digitizing Work to Working Digitally as an individual, as a team, between teams, as an organization and between organizations.

We do this ideally in mid-sized to large customers that have strategically chosen Microsoft365 as their ´work operating system´.

We have a proprietary methodology called Adoptify which is a tangible approach for transforming work into ´Smart Working´ using 6 phases (As – Is, To-Be, Portfolio, Prioritization, Execution, Improvement), 4 angles (People, Process, Platforms & Places) and 4 toolboxes (Project Management, Financial Management, Change Management and Assessments). 

What are some of the results we have seen?

Reduction of email of up to 50%.

Reduction of the number of meetings by 20%.

Reduction of meeting time by up to 35%.

Process acceleration in key white-collar processes.

Increased employee satisfaction.

Decrease of up to 15% in Total Cost of Ownership for IT workplace initiatives

Increased flexibility by moving ´systems of work´ to the cloud

Increased security by more and better cloud usage.

Improved disaster recovery capabilities.