An adoption project is never done. You need to understand how your organization is moving, who needs additional help in the form or training, coaching, process automation etc. We help you keep the finger on the pulse by providing managed Adoption services.

Our managed Adoption services consist of:

Detailed monthly report outs to your stakeholders

Reports for Leadership, HR, Communications, Digital Transformation and IT, in a language that business users understand indicating where usage and adoption is on track and where action needs to be taken.

Functional Helpdesk

A functional helpdesk service that users can call with any question whatsoever related to O365 and their specific usage scenarios.

Workshops and Adoption ´Corners´

Training workshops and Adoption ´Corner´s where we will be onsite at pre agreed intervals for people to come and drop in with their laptops and questions.


O365 and Teams Community Management

It is key to have active community management of O365 and Teams during a smarter working improvement project and also in the maintenance phase. We can provide community managers specifically for this purpose.  


Communication campaigns.

In organisations with communications departments we work directly with you to communicate around smarter working and any specific transformation project going on. For smaller organizations we can help you from beginning to end setting up communication campaigns.