To Adoptify



  • to have people and teams make effective use of processes and technology to work smart

Organizations that have been adoptified change from caterpillars into butterflies - quicker, more agile and more beautiful.

Work Operating System

The Microsoft 365 Operating System

The Adoptify methodology

Work Operating System


Adoptic helps you to go from Digitizing Work to Working Digitally as an individual, as a team, between teams, as an organization and between organizations.

We do this ideally in mid-sized to large customers that have strategically chosen Microsoft365 as their ´work operating system´.

A work operating system

It is the set of tools, processes and behaviours that ensure that individuals, teams, and the organization advance towards their goal. It is a "Getting things done at" organizational, team and individual level


The Microsoft 365 ´Operating System´



Microsoft offers a myriad of applications in their office 365 suite. Depending on the licences you have bought this can be over 30 applications. For a lot of people, it is not clear what to use for which work purpose.

Old work habits

Although Office365 has been completely reinvented to be a cloud first SaaS app, a lot of people are still using Office365 as if it were the year 2005, meaning email as the answer to everything, a lot of attachments and PowerPoint, Word and Excel.


We think that the core O365 apps to get things done are Teams, Outlook, Planner, OneNote, OneDrive, SharePoint and the collaborative usage of the ´old´ office apps like Word and PowerPoint. We have classified the full O365 suite in the following categories. Work Operating System, Hygiene apps, Tools, Nice to have, Ignore and Admin.  


The Adoptify methodology


We have a proprietary methodology called Adoptify which is a tangible approach for transforming work into ´Smart Working´

using 6 phases 

(As – Is, To-Be, Portfolio, Prioritization, Execution, Improvement),

4 viewpoints (People, Process, Platforms & Places)


and 4 toolboxes (Project Management, Financial Management, Change Management and Assessments). 


Our methodology has both a scientific and a practical basis. 


We have developed a proprietary Digital Competences assessment for Microsoft365, DigComp4M365, for individuals, teams and organizations based on the European Union Digital Competency Framework,.


Additionally, we specialize in distributed worker, team and leader assessments and coaching based on scientific assessments from industrial psychologists from the University of Calgary that have specialized in the distributed worker field for over 15 years