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Microsoft Teams: a productivity booster or a productivity killer?

Spoiler alert: It all depends on the implementation.

This whitepaper found its origin in a request from a CIO of a medium sized company who asked us “I know there are a lot of advantages in implementing a solution like Microsoft Teams but do you have a document that explains what Microsoft Teams is and what the advantages are of implementing a solution like that? I need to sell it to the CEO and CFO. “

Our first reaction was, wow do people still need to be convinced? And then when we started searching for documentation written for the business user with a reasonable level of detail and analysis. We could not find much. So, we decided to write our own whitepaper.

In this whitepaper we will explain what Team Collaborative Applications are and how these applications can impact knowledge workers.

We will dive into reports that have become the standard in the Microsoft ecosystem for any kind of economic analysis of Microsoft applications, adding our own insights. And finally, we will take you through the most common mistakes and pitfalls we see in implementing Team Collaborative applications with a specific focus on Microsoft Teams.

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