Digital Work Improvement
Tele & Distributed working

This is our sweetspot consulting offering.  


Adoptic helps you to go from Digitizing Work to Working Digitally as an individual, as a team, between teams, as an organization and between organizations.

We have a mix of assessments based on our own IP and assessments based on IP of 3rd parties in our portfolio.


Digital Dexterity assessments, As - Is and To - Be assessments, Teleworking assessments for individuals, leaders and teams) and we work with Leesman for employee workspace satisfaction surveys

We can help you not only to start to telework, but we can help you improve how you telework as an organization, as a team and as an individual.

Our portfolio of teleworking solutions go from technology to helping people and leaders becoming better teleworkers through a mix of scientifically validated assessments and training and coaching for leaders and teams.  

(Robotic Process) Automation
Future of Work & Workplace Analytics
Training, Workshops & Coaching

We are skilled in automating white collar repetitive processes through Power Automate, Power Virtual Agents and PowerApps.


We can help you understand which processes are worthwhile automating and what the low hanging fruit is and we help your organization adopt the low code/no code toolset to make sure that your business users can become citizen developers.


We can also help with scripting through PowerShell so you can automate your setup and roll out of for example Microsoft Teams.

AdopTic is consulting partner of Faethm for Spain. Faethm is a globally unique AI analytics platform that predicts the workforce impact of emerging technologies. To do this, Faethm combines public and client data with proprietary analytics and machine learning to deliver technology impact and workforce opportunity insights.

Workplace Analytics leverages Office 365 collaboration data to deliver insights for enterprise productivity.

It provides a way for companies to understand the communication behaviours and collaboration patterns across their organization and how they influence productivity and corporate performance. 

Our training, workshops and coaching  are specific to the problem we are solving on the one hand and for specific themes like distributed and teleworking on the other.


We provide specific training based on your To Be use cases so your employees can apply 100% directly to their daily business. Less is more.

We have an extensive list of workshops related to improving tele and distributed working. Click below to see the details.

Project, Program, Change & Transformation management

We can serve as your independent project, work or transformation management office when working with other vendors.


You can get us involved with projects that have run into trouble or to get an independent audit.

Managed Adoption Services

An adoption project is never done.


You need to understand how your organization is moving, who needs additional help in the form or training, coaching, process automation etc.


We help you keep the finger on the pulse by providing managed Adoption services


We do research into smart working and around distributed or teleworking.


We have our own research and we also do research on behalf of customers, vendors and government organizations.


See some of our latest research here.

Cloud Software and Cloud Economics

We are a Microsoft cloud reseller.


We can help you understand what licences and services you need now and, in the future, based on your current estate and roadmap.


We make sure that you are neither over licensed nor under licensed. We can also help you with cloud financial scenario planning.