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AdopTic: Smart Working & Smart Education Consulting

For organizations that are starting their transformation journey

Often small or medium-sized organisations that sooner or later need to make the leap to Smart Working in order not to be left behind. The advantage of not being the first to transform is that they can avoid the mistakes made by other pioneers.

Digitization & Digital Transformation planning

We help our clients build their Digital Roadmap, to transform their way of working into "Smart Working". We do this based on our proprietary framework which has scientific and empirical foundation.  

Digital skills assessments

In order to understand where each individual, department and the organisation as a whole stands on the digital competency spectrum we use our proprietary survey based on the EU DigComp open source framework. This is critical to adjust for the right speed(s) of transformation.

Request for Proposal Services

We seek, on behalf of our customers, the best partners in an end to end process to deliver each component of the defined transformation. We analyse the market, use a standard but customised process for RFP generation, we then iterate from longlist to shortlist with the customer, negotiate with the final candidate(s) and manage contract negotiation. 

Project Management Services

We professionally manage the projects defined in the digital transformation plan, representing the interests of our clients. We handle waterfall and agile. In some cases you need agile, in other cases waterfall. 

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