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Leading in Today’s Distributed Workplace: An Evidence-Based Approach



Interview with Philip Vanhoutte, former CEO of Plantronics EMEA and author of the Smarter Working Manifesto on his journey into the world of Smarter Working (10min), interviewed by Michiel van Vliet, Partner at Adoptic 

Leading in a distributed workplace. An evidence-based approach. Dr. Laura Hambley (40 min).

Q&A (10 min)

(Session in English with simultaneous translation into Spanish)


The world has changed, and distributed work is here to stay. As a society, we suddenly went from working together in offices to working remotely without the proper training, methods, nor agreements on work preferences, and without an established remote culture and clear expectations. This has resulted in misalignment between peers, from worker to leader, leader to worker, intrateam etc., leading to frustration, long hours, a feeling of always having to be switched on and, in many cases, reduced team output versus the expected individual increase in output.


Many consulting companies are trying to help customers in this space without any scientific backing or evidence-based methods. Adoptic has specifically chosen to partner with Work EvOHlution, a Canadian firm of Industrial/Organizational Psychologists who have conducted 16+ years of research across industries in North America and Europe on distributed work success. In 2014, all that knowledge and a series of deep 1-1 interviews with senior executives was packed up in a framework and methodology which was further tested and refined with over 200 additional Senior Executives. This has served as the Genesis of Work EvOHlution’s

Distributed Leader Capabilities, and a unique benchmark for global remote working.

Work EvOHlution has created psychometric assessments for individual workers, leaders and teams, and their Consultants have a wealth of experience coaching leaders and teams to be highly successful in distributed work, experience that is being transferred to Adoptic to benefit the Spanish market.

Join us for a highly interactive, timely webinar on a topic that is critical to success in the new, hybrid workplace, which will be a combination of office and remote work, with distributed teams being the new norm and and smarter work being a strategic advantage.

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